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Running a Successful Business – Every Component Counts

What makes up a successful business? Is it the staff? Is it the management? Is it the business plan? Is it the money? Is it the market? Actually, every component of a business counts – the people, physical and mental health of the people, the equipment, the logistics – everything.

A lot of business owners will always be thinking about sales projections, business plans, accounts, customer satisfaction, staffing and marketing, etc. But one of the things that sometimes get neglected is the mental well being of the staff members. People can push through strenuous tasks that only affect them physically unless they can no longer move, which is non-advisable. But when it comes to exhaustion of the mind, most people start to struggle with everything else. And if someone doesn’t have properly balanced work-life balance, it strains one’s mental health and well being. So in order to run a successful business, one must make work-life balance a priority among staff members.

Running a Successful Business

Efficient Balance

You need to make sure to separate work and personal life as two different components of your life. Some people find it hard to keep them separated when you have your work emails forwarded to you during out of office hours. They are always thinking about work and how to improve their performance and aim for promotions. But that takes up too much time out of your personal life. Keep work at the office. Make sure there’s a clear boundary between the two. If not, you’ll just get burned out and negatively affect every aspect of your life. So encourage your staff members to create this boundary so everyone benefits from having a successful business.

Healthy Eating

Make sure your staff members have lunch every other place except their work station. Make them get off their desk and go to the lunch room (if you have one) or go out for food instead of sitting at their desk while they eat and work at the same time. People need to be active and sitting for eight hours straight is never good for physical health. Getting away from the desk can clear up the headspace and gives you an excuse to do some physical exercise albeit just standing or walking a few paces around.


Physical wellbeing is also as important as mental wellbeing. So encourage your staff members and yourself to be more active. Try allocating some time during the work week for a staff yoga session or a work lunch a few kilometres away from the office so everyone can walk there together instead of just sitting inside all day. Just a few minutes of physical activity goes a long way when it comes to both physical and mental health.


Connect with other industry people. Network with like minded people to find out how they run their successful businesses and what you can learn from that. And talk to your staff members like a friend, vent your frustrations, they’re vent their frustrations too. Having a healthy and open communication line between people can help them deal with things better and create a more productive and creative space in the office. A lot of people think being a lone wolf can speed up their processes but it’s not actually true. Talk, ask questions, seek others’ advice and get involved in conversations. The main thing you will take back after all of this is learn about other people and new things.

Don’t be Shy

Don’t be shy to ask for help when you need it. Running a successful business never comes easy. No one ever single-handedly creates a multimillion dollar company. Asking for help is never shameful so ask all the questions you need answered to the qualified people. Learn from other people’s successes and mistakes. And if you find yourself struggling emotionally and you need a break or you need someone to listen, there will always be someone who can help you with it. All you have to do is ask for a little help.

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