How Do Small Business Loans Support Business?

Our small business loans are for Australian small businesses with much less drama than the big banks when it comes to applying and approval. Each small business situation we encounter has a unique set of factors, so we can tailor your business loan to suit your enterprise goals. Start a business, get much needed cash to continue operating, fund an expansion project or invest more in marketing. How you use your business loan us up to you. Our loan products offer opportunities.

The small business owners of Australia are the backbone of the Australian economy. They are the entrepreneurs opening the shop at the break of dawn and closing up after the last customer; making Australian dream a reality, working tirelessly towards their passion. Many of these hard working Australians began with a tailored small business loan and strong work ethic attitude, combines with experience and business know-how. You too can get small business loans and achieve your dream of starting or growing your own small business!

Some companies need finance to help to manage cashflow, make big purchases or even cover day-to-day costs. We know that starting a new business is a challenge, but keeping it running smoothly and pushing for growth isn’t straight forward. You might need support along the way and that’s why your trusted private lender, ALC Commercial is here.

If you need funding to start a new enterprise ALC Commercial have got you covered with our start-up loans. For those of you struggling to manage cashflow, check out our working capital loans. When you need to purchase new equipment or stock, you can take advantage of equipment finance. Whichever business loan option you require, we have the solution, even when banks say no.

What Are Small Business Loans Used For?

Happier borrowers

Hire Employee

Business merger

Business Merger

How do I apply for Finance with ALC Commercial?

Apply online

Enquire Online

Takes only a few minutes and doesn't impact your credit rating.

Quick decision business loan

Quick decision

Minimal documentation required. Perfect for freelance and self-employed.

Get a fast decision about your commercial business loan

Review and sign

Your business loan contract. It's important that you check all the details and conditions.

Receive funding quickly for your business loan

Fast Funds

Receive funding quickly. Once your loan is signed off you can get funding at little as 24 - 48 hours.

Expand, grow or start your business with a loan from ALC Commercial


Expand, grow or start your business. An injection of cash can really boost your venture.

Emma’s Small Business Loan Made Her Dreams a Reality

Emma has always dreamt of being a small business owner. After taking the bold step, she decided to turn her love for flowers into a business. After researching how to start a business in Australia, she quickly realised that she needed a large amount of business financing to get the business operational. Following a conversation with her local produce supplier, she learnt that a small business loan may be her best option.

As most millennials would, Emma turned to Google. Emma search for small business loans and found ALC Commercial. She quickly enquired online. A loan specialist contact her the same day and got to know her and her floral fantasy business better. After evaluating her financial health, we offered her a small business loan. Emma’s small business loans enquiry was approved the next day and Emma had the money to set her passion in motion and start the business of her dreams!

Start the business of your dreams!

emma's floristry small business

Are you in a similar situation as Emma? Want to build the small business of your dreams but can’t find the finance? We can help.