What is equipment finance?

Equipment finance is a form of commercial loan used to purchase business supplies and other important resources. It can be used to help you purchase technology, vehicles or tools. Successfully operate your business and keep moving well into the future with our help. Equipment loans can also improve your cashflow since your money isn’t tied up in equipment. This means you can have more money spare for other business processes, such as advertising and hiring staff. 

Keeping your equipment working and up-to-date is necessary to run a business. When you are short on financing and need to purchase more equipment or make repairs or upgrades, it’s time to apply.

The small business owners of Australia make up the backbone of the Australian economy. They are the entrepreneurs opening the shop at the break of dawn and closing up after the last customer; taking their Australian dream and making it a reality – working tirelessly towards their passion. These Australians began with a tailored small business loan and a can-do attitude. You too can get business loans and achieve your dreams of starting or growing your business.

How To Apply

Applying is easy. It only takes 30 seconds to enquire for a commercial equipment loan. We understand that your business needs the right equipment to operate efficiently and you can’t always wait until all your creditors pay! If you need cash to purchase additional equipment, supplies, inventory, or vehicles enquire with ALC Commercial today!

Case Study: Anh’s Beauty Salon

Anh operates a beauty salon in Brisbane, Australia. Her business is doing very well. She has customers raving about her service, and a great group of employees working for her. She has room for an extra two beauty stations at the back of her store and believes with her growing traffic that she can fill the chairs once they are installed.

The dilemma is that Anh doesn’t have the $2,500 needed to finance the equipment purchase. To cover the costs she turns to ALC Commercial’s finance option. When approved, Anh is able to pay for her additional chairs, supplies, and equipment. If you are in a similar situation to Anh and need loans for commercial equipment then enquire with ALC Commercial. Get your business supplied for success!

Beauty Therapist Equipment Loan