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For many start-up businesses, financial resources are critical in sustained business growth. Unfortunately, accessing start-up finance is becoming more and more difficult. ALC Commercial offer a wide range of start-up business loan options to suit you.

We provide you with a hassle-free opportunity to access the necessary funds to grow your business. We offer fast and flexible start-up business loans that are tailored towards your business needs.

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Develop Your Product or Service

Start-up loans for new businesses can help transform your business idea into a Minimal Viable Product. Get your idea operational and ready for market.

expand your business

Market Your Business

Are you ready to launch your product but don’t have the extra finance? Use your start-up business loan to pay for marketing research and campaigns.

Operation loans

Finance Operating Expenses

Do you need to hire staff? Are you looking for a co-working space? A startup business loan can help keep your business operational.

expand your business

Expand Your Business

If your business is growing, you may need additional cash or capital to expand your operations.

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Start-up Business Loan Success Story

John’s Innovative Landscaping

Over the last year, John has been planning to start an innovative lawn service company. He calculated that he needs $45,000 in capital to cover his start-up costs and get his idea off the ground. John has never started a business and isn’t sure of the legal steps he must take to operate a business in Australia. He knows he needs an ABN and will have to choose the right structure for his business, but is worried there are a few more things he is missing. After John did some research he also realised he needed to find the right lender for his situation so he could get the start-up capital he needs.

John went to Google and searched “Start-up business loans”. He found ALC Commercial and enquired online. After enquiring, one of our loan specialists contacted John to better understand his vision. John explained his business idea along with his plans and goals for his lawn service startup. 

After accepting the start-up loan from us,  he was able to use the funds to purchase a new lawnmower and set up his website.

If you are in John’s situation and want to know how to start a business in Australia, we have prepared a checklist to make it easier for you to feel confident moving forward. The ‘start a business’ checklist details what we require from you when you are ready for financing.

Landscaping business loan case study

After accepting the start-up loan from us,  he was able to use the funds to purchase a new lawnmower and set up his website.

Starting A Business In Australia

To own and operate a thriving business is the Australian dream, but setting up a new business can be daunting. If you don’t have a plan in place then your business can fail before it’s even started. In addition to this, without financial backing, your start-up business may also be vulnerable. Before starting a business in Australia there are a few steps you will need to understand.

register your abn

Register ABN (Australian Business Number)

Find out your tax obligations

Understand your tax obligations

CHoose your business structure

Choose business structure

Understand your legal obligations

Understand your legal obligations

Know your workplace health & safety obligations

Know your workplace health and safety obligations

Ensure you have enough capital

Ensure you have enough capital

ALC Commercial Is Here To Help With A Start-Up Business Loan

ALC Commercial has start-up business loan options to help your business thrive. Australia’s start up ecosystem is growing. Innovation and creativity is all around us. If you have an idea that is hidden in your closet, it’s time to get it out. If your reasons for postponing starting a business are due to financing, you have come to the right place. We offer great rate tailored loan solutions for funding a start-up business.

As a response to the current COVID19 crisis, the majority of our staff are now working remotely. Our flexible work culture and operational infrastructure enable this to work seamlessly. Our focus, as ever, is continuity of service and helping Australian businesses navigate this challenging situation.