low doc business loans
Low doc business loans are designed to be both practical and fast. They can help your business increase its profits and clear its debts by giving you access to the funds you need. Low doc business loans don’t require the same financial statements and documents as traditional loans, but they still offer competitive rates and flexible terms.

Low doc business loans are ideal for small businesses and the self-employed, since self-employed individuals may not be able to exhibit:

  • Tax returns
  • Financial statements
  • Proof of consistent income

ALC Commercial’s low doc options have an easy over the phone application process that could be approved within 24 hours! You can also apply online through our convenient and quick online enquiry form.

Since self employed individuals don’t have the same supporting documents typically required for a business loan, they often find themselves rejected by traditional lenders. Low doc business loans are available through ALC Commercial with competitive rates and loan terms (short or long term) that are tailored to your situation.

Low Doc Business Loans Process

When you apply for a low doc business loan through ALC Commercial, you’ll apply right over the phone with a loan specialist or you can apply through our website. We don’t need your tax return, but you will need to fill out an income declaration form for a representative. From there our team can tell you the types of loans you qualify for.

We make getting a low doc business loan simpler than the traditional bank route. We have low doc business loans starting from $10,000 and going up to $3 million.

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Low Doc Business Loans: Start Today!

If you’re self employed or you have varying income, contact ALC Commercial for a low doc business loan. See for yourself how easy it is to qualify for the funding you need by calling our team on 1300 886 996 now or by filling out our online enquiry form.

Low documentation or alternative documentation business finance is a great option for low doc borrowers with new businesses that haven’t had a chance to establish enough paperwork that traditional banks usually request from their business borrowers. At ALC Commercial, we welcome low doc loan applicants of all shapes and sizes and work our best to provide you with the most suitable financial solutions.

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low doc business loans

Qualifying for Low Doc Business Loans

Qualifying for a low doc business loan through ALC Commercial has never been easier. We will consider your application regardless of:
  • Bad Credit History
  • No Credit History
  • Limited Cash Flow
  • Limited Financial Statements
  • No Income Verification
  • History of Defaults
At ALC Commercial, we understand that bad credit doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t qualify to borrow. A bad credit rating doesn’t mean a bad borrower. We want to help all Australian businesses achieve their best.