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When applying for a business loan, the traditional big banks may typically request an excessive amount of business documentation. This may include legal paperwork, proof of income, financial statements, business plans, and even legal documentation. The process is somewhat complicated and time-consuming. If you cannot provide this endless list of documentation, your business loan may be declined. Low doc business loans provide a hassle-free opportunity to equip your business with the financial kick it needs. For this reason, no doc business loans in Australia are a great option for small businesses.

What Is A Low-Doc Business Loan?

A low doc business loan is an alternative loan that allows your business to access the necessary capital without providing the same level of financial documentation as a traditional loan. Low doc business loans are designed to be fast and practical loans that can help increase your business profits and clear any debts.

Get a low doc loan if you need business funding but don’t have the time or resources to provide heaps of documentation. ALC Commercial understands that it’s not always possible to provide financial statements and legal documents. This is why we offer low doc business loans so you can receive quick solutions to get your business kicking. Low doc loans provide opportunities that banks are often unwilling to offer. Maybe you need extra capital to employ staff, invest in new stock or pay for advertising costs. A low doc loan provides quick and easy solutions so you can accomplish your goals, hassle-free. Apply for a low doc commercial loan hassle-free below!

Low doc business loans are suitable for businesses or individuals who may not be able to exhibit the following:

Find out your tax obligations

Understand your tax obligations

fewer lending requirements

Financial Statements

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Proof of consistent income

Start-Up? Small Business? Self-Employed?

Low doc personal loan for self-employed

If you are an individual contractor or freelancer, you may be eligible for low doc personal loans. 

Low doc commercial loan

These are suitable for businesses who cannot provide the necessary documentation that banks require. At ALC we offer loans from $5000 upwards.

Low doc small business loan

Are you operating a local food truck? Have you recently started an e-commerce store? A low doc small business loan can help you get the necessary funds to keep your business operational. 

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Advantages of A Low Doc Business Loan

Apply online and speak to a loan consultant within a matter of minutes

Apply online

Apply online and speak to a loan consultant within a matter of minutes

Quick access to the necessary funding for your business

Fast access

Quick access to the necessary funding for your business

Competitive interest rates

Competitive rates

Ask us about competitive interest rates on business loans

Minimal documentation is required to secure funding

Minimal documents

Minimal documentation is required to secure funding

Maddie’s Food Truck

Maddie loves traveling. Her travels have taken her to over 20 countries. She has explored the country and tasted some of the most unique dishes. She is determined to share these dishes with local Aussies. 

Maddie decided to pursue her dream and buy a food truck. The truck cost her $12,000. She spent an additional $5000 on equipment. 

After 3 months of sharing her food, she encountered some problems with the truck. She needed a new oven, grill, and a kitchen hand. Unfortunately, she did not have enough cash to purchase the equipment and keep the food truck operating smoothly.

After getting rejected from the banks, Maddie found ALC Commercial. She enquired online, we quickly assessed her financial situation and she secured low doc business finance the same day. Two days later, Maddie had installed her new oven.

Her customers are still enjoying her king prawn toastie. 

business loans for food truck operator

Are you in a similar situation as Maddie? Have you had problems getting finance from a bank? We’d love to talk to you about what loan products would suit your stage of business.