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Finding business finance can be difficult when you don’t have the borrowing history to show you are a reliable borrower. Too many Australians are stuck in a bad credit position, left with piling rejection letters, and looking for financing. For those with bad credit or no credit history, a fantastic loan option is a no credit check loan. Each time you enquire with a bank, they check your credit score and with each enquiry, your credit score is negatively affected. No credit check loans have huge advantages for the credit impaired applicant as their credit score isn’t affected by the loan application while the lending requirements are less restrictive than a bank’s conventional loan options.

No Credit Check Loans Advantages:

  • No credit check – No credit score impairment
  • Fewer lending requirements (Minimal documentation required)
  • Better approval rate (Our average approval rate is 98%)
  • Faster approvals (You could receive the funds within 24 hours)
  • Happier borrowers (Complimentary assessment with our in-house funding and private lenders)

A low credit score is not the end of the road; see how Huong successfully applied and got his no credit check business loan to start an Australian nursery!

No Credit Check Loans for Australian Businesses

Huong migrated from Vietnam with his family in 2011, excited to experience the Australian dream. He had a green thumb and was interested in starting his own nursery in Australia. Coming from overseas, Huong used all of his money to move his family and was left with little cash. He knew if he could find business financing, he could be successful as he knew the trade and had a passion for growing plants. Unfortunately, Huong had no credit history and was struggling to find a lender.

After travelling from bank to bank and getting rejected, Huong started to get frustrated and was worried he was running out of options. He looked online and found us, ALC Commercial, who offered no credit check loans. Huong realised he had an amazing opportunity to be evaluated as a borrower for something other than his credit score and applied immediately. Huong was approved within the hour and had access to his no credit check loan in less than two days. Overjoyed he began planning the grand opening of his nursery!

Are you in a similar situation as Huong? Are you considering starting your own business but have found difficulties in getting a loan due to bad credit or lack of credit history? Are you then looking for no credit check loans?

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Are you fed up with banks rejecting your business loan application? It’s hard enough with all the paperwork they ask of you to see if you qualify, and then eventually get rejected due to a variety of reasons in their lending restrictions. Enquire with us and get your Australian business off the ground with our no credit check loans option. The process is fast and easy! It only takes up to 30 seconds to enquire.

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