Business & Commercial Working Capital Loans

Today’s lending practices have become stricter than ever. Traditional banks are rejecting business owners for working capital loans because they don’t meet the tough criteria, including owners with good credit ratings. Self-employed people are now struggling to keep their businesses afloat, large corporations are having trouble covering unexpected expenses and business owners with bad credit are struggling to turn their situation around. This is where ALC Commercial can help!

What is Working Capital?

Working capital is the finance available to an organisation for its day to day business operations. Since every business is different, their working capital needs will be different. At ALC Commercial, we understand this important point, and that is why we tailor our working capital loans to your business’ needs.

Working Capital Loans: While the banks may say “no”, ALC Commercial says “yes”

You can use your working capital loan through ALC Commercial to cover a variety of business funding issues, including:

  • Increasing sales
  • Covering slow customer payments
  • Increasing inventory
  • Offering discounts to customers
  • Covering operating costs or reduced cash reserves
  • Covering unexpected expenses such as taxes, office repairs or relocations
  • Covering increased expenses such as temporary workers or marketing
  • Covering new stock and equipment
  • And more!

We can approve working capital loans on the same day as your enquiry and lend you the exact amount that you need. Our working capital loans enable you to do what you do best: run your business. Need to improve your cash flow? ALC Commercial’s working capital loans can help you generate more business while waiting for money owed to arrive, without added financial stress.

Working Capital Loans for All Business Owners

ALC Commercial is proud to help businesses of all shapes and sizes. That is why we offer flexible working capital loans that are designed to help, not hinder.

Our working capital loans can help:

  • Small business owners who may not have thorough financial documentation
  • Self-employed Australian without tax returns
  • People who have been declined for loans by banks or financial institutions
  • People with a bad credit history who are seeking bad credit business loans
  • And more!

To see how we can help you with fast cash through a working capital loan, contact ALC Commercial today. Please fill out our quick enquiry form for a COMPLIMENTARY ASSESSMENT and we will contact you promptly. This no-obligation consultation is confidential and there is no credit check, meaning it won’t impact your credit rating.

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