Business Management

The Advantages and Drawbacks of Working Capital Loans

Every company needs to have working capital in order to survive. If you don’t have it, you can’t pay the staff or purchase stock; and if you can’t pay the staff or purchase stock, you can’t stay in business. This is exactly why working capital loans play such an important role in the survival of […]

Is Buying Property Good for Your Business?

A commercial mortgage is an easy way of extending your business property-wise. It is fundamentally a loan that you use in refinancing and/or restructuring the property of your business.

But is a commercial mortgage viable at any given time? Definitely not! Is it good to buy property? Of course, but it depends on a variety of […]

4 Factors to Consider when Funding a Business

Developing a comprehensive approach to ensure financial security is one of the purposes of funding a business.

Each business, depending on the industry, target market and profitability has diverse needs and expectations. The volatility of the business industry is also an indicator of the need to strengthen business planning strategies beyond simple models of marketing and […]

Factors To Consider When Taking An Equipment Finance

Richard wants to buy IT equipment worth $50,000 AUD. So, he took out equipment finance with a balloon percentage of 40% and an annual interest of 6.50%. The loan is payable within 36 months. Considering that it is an asset finance, wherein the lender merely finances the equipment and Richard totally owns the equipment, he […]

5 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Use a Line of Credit Wisely

A line of credit is essential for small business owners because it increases their purchasing power. However, it can easily be abused and lead to bankruptcy. Learn how you can manage your line of credit wisely.

How a line of credit works

A line of credit is an open-ended, flexible loan where you can borrow funds in […]

3 Common Causes of Cash Flow Challenges in Businesses and Their Solutions

Aside from low sales, here are three common causes of cash flow issues that every business owners need to face at some point in their lives.
You are spending beyond your profit margins
If you are not looking into every dollar spent on major expenses such as office costs, capital expenditures, and human resources, you are likely […]

The 3 Components of a Successful Business Infrastructure Plan

For starters, you can’t just run a company without a road map or an infrastructure plan which involves three things: business operations, process and human resources.

1) Daily operations: It is what you do on a daily basis to generate profits. Handling the day-to-day operations and administration of your company may cost a lot. It also […]

Step-by-Step Guide to Investment Property

Choosing to increase your income with investment property is a good idea. In fact, many Aussies decide to secure their financial status by buying a propriety and then reap off the benefits.

Having another property will also get you tax deductions, and you could ensure a better life without worrying about the costs that could come […]

Business Management through Managing Data

Just like the internet, the life stream that makes the business world function revolves around business management and the flow of data. Since data in itself is described as entirely composed of millions of random segments flowing on a sea of information. Top businessmen often have the skills needed in managing this disorganized information turning […]

Brokers – Love and Perfect Your Business Process

A business process enables brokers to achieve organizational goals in a systematic manner. Do you find it difficult to boost sales or output? Then it’s time to take a look at the processes you have to see if there is a need to change or fix. Brokers are mostly focused on the results; maybe it’s […]

Building Relationships Beneficial to Small Businesses

Relationships play a vital role in business. Every day, you get to meet different people. How well do you communicate with them? In the business field, it is a must to establish good relationships with both clients and prospects. You have to take care of them and provide them excellent service to encourage them to […]

Impacts of a GST Increase on Small Businesses

As the federal government wishes to raise the GST to 15 percent, thus expanding its tax base, this decision will influence every small business in Australia. As a result, the Coalition will aim at diminishing the impact by providing a reduction in personal income and company tax. Still, that won’t delay the impact GST growth […]

Recruitments – Finding the Right Employee for your Business

Regardless of the business you run, having the best employee is utterly important for the development of your company in the long run. While having the skills and expertise is a requirement for an employee, another aspect you should look for in your candidates is whether they fit in your company’s team or not. Consider […]

Running a Successful Business – Every Component Counts

What makes up a successful business? Is it the staff? Is it the management? Is it the business plan? Is it the money? Is it the market? Actually, every component of a business counts – the people, physical and mental health of the people, the equipment, the logistics – everything.

A lot of business owners will […]

The Potential Benefits of Hiring an Intern for Your Business

So you’re considering hiring an intern. Having interns in your business can be a great experience for both parties, if organised properly. People who take on internships are usually fresh out of university, or mature aged individuals looking for a change in career. Either way, they lack the necessary experience to walk into a paid […]

What’s Holding Back Your Success – Psychological Factors

As you attempt to climb the corporate ladder there will always be steps forward as well as steps backward. Often the steps backward can be contributed to reasons that are out of your hands but there are also some that could be your own doing. A dismal economy or backstabbing coworkers might be the cause […]

Terminating an Employee – How to Do it Right

All bosses will have to go through the dreaded process of firing an employee at some point. You will have hired them with the best of intentions but due to their actions, in-actions, or some outside influence, you might have to end their employment. If you do ever have to go through the experience of […]

Demand Equal Pay for Women in Australia

Every woman no matter what part of the world they live in should have the right to demand and receive equal pay. This is an ongoing problem experienced by women in Australia. Every person who strives to survive in this world should be given equal pay, and equal opportunity no matter what their gender is.

Society […]

Preparing for Any Business Tax Debt

As tax season comes and goes, you might be wondering how does the ATO process your tax filings and what happens when you have tax debt. If your business does have tax debt then you will want to make sure that it is the right amount and then you will want to know how to […]

Identifying the Target Market for a Successful Business

When a business begins to build a marketing campaign they will generally target those customers that have a need for their product or service. The problem with this approach is that you are going to make contact with that potential customer at the same time as many of your competitors. That potential customer will do […]

Investing in Innovation and Early Adoption

Knowing when to invest and adapt to a new technology is difficult for everybody, especially so for companies. Being at the forefront of innovation is great but it is very difficult and keeping that pace long term is nearly impossible for most companies. The best companies are able to implement new technologies in a timely […]

Excellent Customer Service Driving Business Growth

In the internet age with all of the review sites and social media, it can make potential customers have an opinion about a business before they even make any contact with that business. Having good customer service as part of a business’ DNA is essential in growing faster than competitors. This practice is not only […]

Business management with comprehensive financial reports

Running a business takes a lot of effort and the rewards can be tremendous when it’s successful. But it takes discipline and tireless business management of every detail to get the margins maximized. Having an accountant will help you keep track of your finances but to really understand where you need to make changes and […]