Debt is a scary thing for everyone, and this goes double for business debt. However, learning how to reduce that debt and keeping it at healthy levels can help your company expand.

If you are a business owner fighting with unsustainable debt levels, here are some tips on how to reduce or manage your business debt.

  1. Figure out what’s causing your debt

If you want to get out of debt, you need to understand what got you into that situation in the first place. Find out if it was a flawed expansion strategy, poor cost management, or another cause – and work with your financial advisor to figure out a solution.

Once you’ve cleared out the cause of your business debt, you can effectively form a strategy that will lower your debt. You must also make sure it stays that way. Even if you’re going up the scale, the last thing you’ll want is for your debt to be growing.

  1. Make business debt a priority

If your company seems to be facing business debt, don’t go setting other priorities because “you can handle that one later.” Instead, lowering your debt should be at the top of your priorities. Set clear limits as to how much you can afford to go in debt in the year to come.

Calculate your debt goals. If you have the goal of paying off your debt, make it clear about how much you want to pay. Also, you may want to identify the sources with the highest debt interest and pay those off first.


  1. Always cut costs

Whenever you see an opportunity to reduce or completely eliminate costs, seize it. Take some time every month and look through your company’s financial records and think about what needs to be reduced.

Also, when negotiating with your suppliers, always try to drive down the costs. And if you can’t, make sure that you have a plan B.

  1. Consolidate your loans

Owning a company and getting business loans pretty much go hand in hand. So if you have more than one loan on your hand, you may want to try consolidating them. This will not only make it easier to manage your debt, but it may also reduce the interest. Even a difference that is as small as 1% can cut thousands of dollars from your business debt in the long run.

  1. Boost sales and revenue

Another great way to reduce business debt is to look for ways to increase your sales quickly. By doing that, you can take the funds from your sales and direct those towards the debt fund.

Increase productivity through a marketing campaign, bring out a new product, or invest in new technology; these will be short term payments for a long term gain.

Survival in the business world means that you need to act quickly before business debt starts eating you alive. Figure out what the problem is, create strategies to fix it and make sure that your company will be thriving in the future.

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