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Mezzanine Financing

More often than not, financial tools like business loans, for instance, are quite easy to understand. What we mean by this is that, with minimal knowledge, you kind of figure out how they work.

However, sometimes, you stumble upon some obscure concepts you’ve never heard of. This is the case of the less “user-friendly,” so to Read More

What is a C & I Commercial Loan

Commercial loans are known to most business owners. The chances are that you, as an entrepreneur, needed one of these when you started up your company. However, a less known type of commercial loan is the C & I.

This stands for Commercial and Industrial Loan, and it is a little different from the simple commercial Read More

Get Your Small Business Loans Application Approved

Having a small business loans application filled and turned in doesn’t ensure you’re going to get that loan. At least not when you’re doing things the wrong way.

Most business owners, especially the ones who are just starting, have no idea what they need for their applications to be successful. The thing is that your small Read More