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Steps to starting a business in Australia

  • Register ABN (Australian Business Number)
  • Understand your tax obligations
  • Choose business structure
  • Understand your legal obligations
  • Know your workplace health & safety obligations
  • Ensure you have enough capital
More and more people are looking to start a business in Australia; a brand new business or a franchise. The legal steps and financial obligations can make some shy away from the process and never achieve their dream. From all walks of life and areas of the country, Australians are asking, “What steps do I take to start a business?”

How to Start a Business in Australia

To own and operate a thriving business is the Australian dream. Starting a new business can be daunting if you don’t have a plan in place with no financial backing. Before starting a business in Australia there are a few steps you will need to understand. Take a look at John’s story below and see how he made the bold step and started his business on the path to success!

Case Study: John’s Lawn Care Business

Over the last year John has been planning starting a lawn service company. He calculated that he needs $15,000 in capital to cover his start up costs and get his idea off the ground. John has never started a business and isn’t sure of the legal steps he must take to operate a business in Australia. He knows he needs an ABN and will have to choose the right structure for his business, but is worried there are a few more things he is missing. After John did some research he also realized he needed to find the right lender for his situation so he could get the start up capital he needs.

If you are in John’s situation and want to know how to start a business in Australia, we have prepared a checklist to make it easier for you to feel confident moving forward. The ‘start a business’ checklist is below, when you are ready for financing, fill out our 30 second enquiry and get your start up dreams off the ground!

Finance for New Business Owners – No Credit Check Application!

Startup Business Loans

ALC Commercial has start up loan options to help you take advantage of the great opportunity that is Australia. Many Australians plan for years to start a business and never take the first step. If your reasons for postponing starting a business are due to financing, you have come to the right place. We offer great rate tailored loan solutions for funding a startup business like yours. Apply for a start up business loan with us today!