Monthly Archives: March 2015

More SMEs using non-bank lenders

According to a study done by Scottish Pacific, there is a growing interest amongst small and medium enterprises or SMEs, in using specialist non-bank lenders to provide their business loans. It might not be of any surprise that in the same study, over a third of SMEs don’t have trusted business advisors and less than Read More

Business loans for the booming construction market

Business is booming, particularly the property construction business and this is creating a great business environment that is being fueled by low interest rates, rising home prices and strong consumer confidence. Therefore there’s a bottleneck at the lending part of the supply chain especially with large institutional banks but there is a solution. Non-traditional lenders Read More

Business management with comprehensive financial reports

Running a business takes a lot of effort and the rewards can be tremendous when it’s successful. But it takes discipline and tireless business management of every detail to get the margins maximized. Having an accountant will help you keep track of your finances but to really understand where you need to make changes and Read More

Business Planning: Tips for better cash flow

As the business year rolls over and we finally get a tally on the booms and bust of seasons from the previous year it is time to re-assess the game plan and see where improvements can be made. One of the most important business planning tips is to keep as detailed financial reports as possible. Read More

Bad credit business loans for small businesses

Owning and operating a small business can be an enjoyable albeit stressful endeavor. Making sure all aspects of the business are running smoothly while managing cash-flow and keeping expenses under control are daily tasks for the small business owner. While running a small business means juggling a wide variety of tasks each day, one of Read More