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This is an example of how we could help a business: A successful printing company had recently lost contracts, due to the rise of digital marketing, so wanted to move into the digital space.
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Stephen wasn't able to satisfy the big banks' criteria for his digital diversification plans

Stephen realised that to stay competitive, he needed to expand and fast. The digital marketing industry is highly competitive and without the latest equipment, software and infrastructure to take on large-scale projects, his company’s future was in jeopardy.

As any business owner would, Stephen went to the bank where his business account was held. He presented them with a sound business plan, his financial statements and his plans for expansion into digital marketing. He wanted to move into a smaller studio space, purchase the latest computer equipment and infrastructure and take on skilled employees to handle the scope of the projects he was being asked to do, all of which he needed funding. The bank loan officer felt Stephen’s ideas were too ambitious and since he had a few late payments on previous loans in the past, the application with the bank was unsuccessful.

Private Funding Case Study

ALC Commercial can help in this situation with flexible terms

Stephen wasn’t sure where to turn. He had been approached by several companies to handle their digital marketing needs, but without the right equipment, software and skilled staff, he couldn’t take on those contracts. A friend told Stephen about ALC Commercial. Stephen was hesitant at first, especially since he’d been rejected already for his credit history and loan needs. 

When he contacted an ALC Commercial private funding specialist, he was surprised at the simple process. He conducted an over-the-phone interview and faxed his financial documents. His previous late payments weren’t an issue (in context of the changing market, print sales had dwindled) and weren’t going to impact his loan amount or interest rate.

Instead, the financial specialist went to work facilitating an appropriate commercial loan that covered Stephen’s diversification. He was surprised when the loan specialist customised the repayment terms and rates around his organisation’s financial needs.

Stephen was able to take on large scale projects across the world

Today Stephen has his operational and growing digital marketing studio and takes on large scale marketing and development projects. Now, when Stephen needs private funding for his organisation, he turns to ALC Commercial.

Currently Stephen is looking to open a new studio in Melbourne, and plans on using ALC Commercial to fund his ventures.

If you’re a business owner who needs to expand, don’t waste your time with the banks. Consider an alternative lender with access to private funding. ALC Commercial’s loans are flexible, convenient and a lot more affordable than you might think. ALC Commercial can facilitate loans that are customised to your organisation.

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Private Funding Case Study

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