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What is a Business Line of Credit Loan?

Businesses with potential or in need of additional capital often seek for a reliable line of credit. Running a business is no piece of cake especially if you have limited funds to support it. You have to look for investors, borrow money from banks or use your own money. Having a line of credit allows a business owner to move out of the box and explore new investments or expand. Forming new business strategies is easier if you have enough capital to work on. This is the reason why a business must have a line of credit.

Business Loans

Banks or private lenders offer loans to businesses. There are several types of loans designed for every individual to match their needs while there are other tailored loans intended for businesses. Start-ups can apply for small business loans while medium and large scale businesses can apply for credit lines. A small business loan or a regular loan involves application, upon approval the loan will be released in a matter of days and monthly repayments will follow. Loan applicants already have a purpose for their loan. It can be for renovation, additional equipments, etc. But what if you don’t have any plans yet? You need cash as back up even if you are not going to use the money immediately. Having a credit line is a good option.

Business Line of Credit

A line of credit is a secured type of loan. Upon approval, banks will provide the loan amount that you need. The money is just there in your account and ready whenever you need it. The interest starts to run after you withdraw the money which means you can make partial withdrawals.

Let’s say you want to expand your business and a business proposal came in but you cannot grab the opportunity because you lack capital or you are not sure about it. Having a line of credit allows you to negotiate because you know that you have a working capital in your chosen bank. The best part is, you are not going to pay any interest unless you withdraw the money. The terms may vary, you can pay the interest every month, or you can make partial payment (principal), or interest every month and pay the principal by the end of the agreed term. Usually, big amounts are involved here so make sure you are guided by a financial adviser.

There will be lenders with different criteria for a line of credit to be approved or with different repayment terms and interest rates. Make sure you find out what’s available, compare the lenders and find out who would be the right lender to apply with.

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