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Terminating an Employee – How to Do it Right

All bosses will have to go through the dreaded process of firing an employee at some point. You will have hired them with the best of intentions but due to their actions, in-actions, or some outside influence, you might have to end their employment. If you do ever have to go through the experience of firing an employee then you will want to make sure that you do it properly so that you do not have any negative blow back legally, commercially or emotionally. There are a few steps you can go through before terminating an employee to make sure that you do it as smoothly as possible.

Terminating an Employee

Before you do terminate an employee it is important to ask yourself why you have to let them go. The main reasons that any manager has to terminate an employee are either for poor performance, misconduct, or redundancy. Knowing why you will fire an employee is an important part of knowing how to do it correctly.

Once you know why you will have to terminate an employee, it is crucial not to fire them on the spot. Keeping your cool even under the most extreme situations is a great way to ensure that you do not have to dispute unreasonable dismissal claims. In a case of misconduct you might have the instinct to fire the employee immediately but this can bring on legal issues as well as loss of confidence or respect from your team.

Before you decide on terminating an employee it is essential to gather evidence for your case. If it is poor performance then you might have to show that you addressed the issue with them and gave them chances to improve.

No matter what, every employer needs to arm themselves with knowledge. Getting a basic understanding of workplace law can give you a huge advantage when it comes time to dismiss someone. Small and medium size enterprises do have the ability to let go of employees under special circumstances but it is important to know where your business stands.

When you do have to terminate an employee it is always best to do so in person and with documentation. Give the person a clear reason for a meeting and a clear reason why they are being dismissed. Being upfront and clear will send a message to your other employees that you are fair manager that does not deal in grey areas. Treating employees with respect does not end when you have decided to fire them. It is wise to consider the long term ramifications of your actions and it is always best not to create an enemy.

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