Start Up Business to Stardom

Start Up Business to Stardom

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Australia is home to a brilliant start up business culture and is seeing many aspiring entrepreneurs achieve phenomenal success by starting their own company.

From Start Up to Stardom

The Australian Government also supports this pursuit and assists aspiring entrepreneurs through resource websites like this, starting a business checklist. Starting a business in Australia is not a distant dream, check out how one Australian struck gold with his invoicing app.

Australian Start Up Business Stardom

For many the idea to become an entrepreneur is planted while at school, the start up generator for some of the best business projects. For this aspiring 28 year old his big idea developed from a combination of education and work place innovation. While working at Macquarie Bank Chris Strode, a freelance software developer, had a brilliant idea; his idea was to speed up invoicing through app technology. The application is called Invoice2go and since its launch it has seen amazing success!

Invoice2go is quickly becoming the industry leader in invoice technology and has since been purchased by Accel Partners, a venture capital firm. The app is now usable in nine different languages and sees 120,000 invoices per day. The app’s aim is to help small business owners and independent contractors issue invoices and get paid for their work. With $10 billion processed in invoices each year they are certainly achieving that aim.

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Start Up Business Success

When I hear success stories like this, it leaves me thinking, that could be me. Well, it could be me, it could be you, it could be any Australian who is willing to capitalise on the start up business environment in Australia. Invoice2Go is just one example of a great idea being bought by a larger company and the founder walking away wealthy!

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