You’ve got the plan, you’ve got supportive friends and family behind you and an idea that is about to revolutionise the business landscape. But there’s a major impediment in your endeavour to start your own business: money.

Unfortunately, we cannot do anything without money these days. So, you might be wondering how do I start a small business when I don’t have a dime in my account. You shouldn’t worry, there are plenty of methods that can help you see your dream through and we are going to go over some right now so read on.

How to Start a Small Business In Spite of Lack of Funds

  • Get a business loan

There are many types of business loans, and each of them has its advantages and flexibility. So, check them out and pick one that suits your needs. Don’t have any fear that you won’t be able to muster the money to pay it back. There are lenders who agree to tailor repayment plans, so you can potentially make the repayments when you can. Thus, this clears out one of the biggest reasons that make people so reluctant about business loans. Comforting thought, right?

For example, our company, ALC Commercial, provides a large array of business loans, from short-term to small ones, as well as valuable pieces of advice for young entrepreneurs. We may be your saviour and your thorough guide on how to start a small business. Money and guidance, all in one place.


  • Private investors

People think that banks are the only institutions that can give you a loan. But you must know that is not true at all.

If you think that your idea has no match and can make a fantastic ROI once it is initiated, you might have great chances of getting your funds from private investors. There are certain cases in which this is a better alternative than getting loans from banks.

First of all, it’s much quicker, and you do not have to go through a lengthy process of check-ups. Second of all, the interest rates are always lower, so your debt won’t grow faster than you can pay it. What’s more, you may not need to pay the money back, as many partnerships can be established via this help. That depends, however, on the policy of the one who invests in your business. So, we do advise you to do some research on their terms before starting any collaboration. You can never be too cautious.

  • Government loans and grants

If you are searching for money to start your business, or even to extend it, the government has plenty of grants and assistance plans that you can consult directly on their official website.

For example, there is a loan for businessmen who are looking to extend their company and start exporting. Another one is destined for people with low incomes who want to start a business, granting them with an interest-free loan up to $3,000 or even $10,000.

Even if you already own a company, or you are about to start one, the Government offers plenty of funding opportunities of which you can take advantage.

  • Public funding

As you may know, there are many websites where you can present your idea and ask people all around the world to help you bring it to life. Indiegogo, for example, is such a platform. All you have to do is describe your project in an attractive manner and convince people to donate. It sounds simple, and it really is.

The great thing about getting funds from people is that you don’t have to pay that money back. But you will have to pay a certain percentage to the platform you’ve worked with. Compared to a loan, this implies having the least amount of debt. This is a great lesson on how to start a small business with no strings attached, finance-wise.


Now you’ve learned how to start a small business with no money. Out of these four methods, at least one is sure to work out for you. If you want nothing to do with business loans, then private investors and crowdfunding are just as good.

It is important to remember that there are enough options. Also, you must think everything through before choosing the one that suits your company’s needs.

The next logical step would be for you to assess how much money you will need to start the business and open its doors as soon as possible. After that, all you have to do is just pick the right source of funding and learn how to manage all that money properly. And don’t forget, the more informed you are, the more options you will have, and the more successful you and your business will be.