Joe was looking to cover some unexpected expenses for his agricultural business. Unfortunately, his expenses hit during his off-season, which meant he didn’t have a stable enough cash flow to cover them. Since Joe needed working capital to prepare for his busy season, he contacted ALC Commercial for assistance. Instantly an ALC Commercial specialist analysed Joe’s evaluation came up with a list of short term loan products for Joe to pick from. Even better? Joe got his short term loan funds within  just 72 hours of applying!

How ALC Helped

ALC Commercial offers tailor made short term loan products. That means we assess our clients’ financial situation and locate loan products that suit their needs. With Joe, we knew being in the agricultural industry meant cash flow fluctuates.

This is why Joe had trouble securing financing through local banks — they didn’t want to take on the risk. As a bank alternative lender, ALC Commercial located products that benefited Joe’s business regardless of credit, past defaults and his cash flow issues.

Joe applied for a $25,000 short term loan. We gave him a competitive interest rate, flexible payment terms and a payment he could afford. Since Joe’s cash revenue was larger than he expected for the on-season, he was able to repay his loan faster than expected.

Today Joe uses ALC Commercial for all of his short term and long term cash needs. Joe hasn’t been to a bank for a loan in over a year! Instead, he trusts in ALC experts to locate the right loan solutions to get him through any financial snag.

At ALC Commercial, we could help your business secure a fast short term loan, allowing you to act quickly on business opportunities. Get started today by calling 1300 886 996 now or by filling out an enquiry form online.