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Self Improvement – Aim for 220 percent improvement

Self improvement can be looked at in many ways. Maybe it is about sleeping better or eating healthier. Bettering yourself in your career or your financial security could be where you look to first sometimes. If you can better yourself every day of the work week then you can improve your life two times over. If you set a goal to improve yourself by just one percent each work day of the week then you can possibly reach a goal of self-improvement of 220 percent in just one year.

Self Improvement – Daily Workout

There are many ways that people can improve their lives on a daily basis. If you set out with the goal of improving yourself just 1 percent a day then you will be surprised what you can do. Setting a goal of improving your life by 200 percent in any way sounds daunting. If you break it down to only one percent a day then it becomes attainable.

Think about all of the ways you could improve yourself. Come up with a list of five different ways for self-improvement and how you could achieve a 1 percent improvement in a day. That can be your first week. By the end of the week it will be easier to see how you can vastly improve yourself if you implement this over every work day in a year.

If you think that one percent is so small that it does not count then think about how it can add up. Think about how a professional athlete looks at a one percent increase in speed. Imagine how a one percent increase a day sounds to a stock trader. A one percent increase in most ways of your life will be easy to accomplish in the beginning. Over time it will get tougher but it will be worth the trouble.

If you have been having trouble reaching your goals in your career, your hobbies, or your personal life then use this trick to get over 200 percent better in just a year. By the time the next year rolls around it will be a part of your DNA to get better by one percent in something every day of the work week. You might find that you are getting better by one percent in something every single day of the year. Imagine being three-and-a-half times better than yourself in just one year. Think of what you can achieve …

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