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Private Lenders – An Alternative Source of Business Financing

Life is meant to be enjoyed without constantly worrying about money. However, every so often, unanticipated expenses occur, and we have to deal with them, whether we like it or not. And when you run your own business, the responsibilities are even higher. That’s why today we’ll talk about private lenders and the situations in which they offer the most convenient rates. Truth be told, many entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas, when it comes to establishing new businesses. And while they might have solid business plans, there is the likelihood that their application for getting business financing is rejected. As a rule of thumb, financial institutions are hesitant to providing financing to small businesses that are unable to provide collateral. However, the good news is that private lenders facilitate business financing.

That is thanks to the fact that private lenders have fewer restrictions and regulations. To that end, considering that a business proves its ability to repay the loan, and it doesn’t pose too much risk to the lender, the likelihood of getting financing is maximised.

Private Lenders Comprehend Specific Market Segments

As a rule of thumb, private lenders specialise in higher risk ventures. That’s due to the fact that they understand the opportunity and risk linked with specific market segments or types of businesses.

To that end, not only are private lenders more inclined to fund projects that would otherwise be rejected by conventional banks, but they might structure the loan repayment plan in a convenient way, as well. That being said, if you’re having difficulty with obtaining financing for your business, a private lender could help.

What to Look for in Private Lenders

When you seek financing, it’s mandatory to analyse a range of critical aspects. In other words, you should weigh your options depending on specific criteria. You should assess the following elements when you compare different private lenders.

  • Experience

Obviously, experience matters in every domain, alternative funding included. That’s because reliability and experience go hand in hand. On that note, you should always look for the number of loans issued, and the number of people that received assistance from a specific lender. Ideally, you should pick a lender that has assisted a considerable number of individuals – to be on the safe side.

  • Specialisation

Private lenders tend to specialise in particular markets or fields. For example, there are financial institutions that focus primarily on residential loans, while others facilitate personal and business loans. So, considering that you’re in need of business financing, you should ensure that the lender you select specialises in that domain.

  • Interest Rates and Costs

There are no hard rules when it comes to interest rates and costs. That’s why you should make no assumptions beforehand. Instead, you should carefully analyse the information you can find regarding interest rates and additional costs, make your calculations and only afterwards, should you contact the lender. On a different note, bear in mind that some private lenders issue prepayment penalties. At the same time, other lenders require borrowers to pay agreed interest payments as a penalty for prepayment. Concurrently, you shouldn’t overlook the amount of funding you’ll be required to supply. While there are specific down payment sums and fees that are standard for the industry, they can vary a lot.

That is why it pays off to do your research in advance. This way, you’ll work with a lender that provides you with convenient repayment options.

  • Transparency

When it comes to any financial transactions, you should know what to expect. That means you should know everything that’s going on, step by step. And a reputable, reliable lender will be fully transparent with you when it comes to the loan application process, making repayments, loans terms and everything else.

What Do Private Lenders Look for?

Essentially, private lenders assess pretty much the same information as conventional banks. In other words, entrepreneurs should have remarkable business ideas and solid business plans that include realistic forecasts and contingency scenarios. Plus, you should comprise a budget summary, which should indicate sale forecasts. At the same time, business plans should be backed up by professionals with experience in the domain.

Secondly, you should show the lender that you can deal with the loan. A way of doing that is by providing down payment, additional collateral or security. In plain English, you should outline that you can make repayments, over the course of time.

On a final note, working with private lenders can be beneficial for entrepreneurs. Getting alternative financing gives you quick access to cash, as private lenders are more responsive than traditional banks. Make sure you know what the lending process entails beforehand, and research different rates and loan terms, to know what to expect. If you’re in need of business financing ASAP, you should contact ALCC Commercial – they are facilitate business loans (and not only) with convenient loan terms, tailored to your needs.

For more information on business loans, commercial finance, debt consolidation, bad credit business loans and low-doc business loans talk to our experienced and understanding loan specialists to see how our business loans can support your business goals.

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