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Demand Equal Pay for Women in Australia

Every woman no matter what part of the world they live in should have the right to demand and receive equal pay. This is an ongoing problem experienced by women in Australia. Every person who strives to survive in this world should be given equal pay, and equal opportunity no matter what their gender is.

Society created this wall between men and women, wherein men dominate the business world and women stay as small entrepreneurs with inadequate funds which prevent them from succeeding in their chosen field. Their businesses stay small and in the long run vanish because their access to money is limited.

Demand for Equal Pay and Equal Funding

Nowadays, gender equality is being promoted to increase awareness and to give opportunity to women to become more successful. Women are empowered to demand equal pay, equal opportunity and fair treatment. While other countries recognise women entrepreneurs, it is quite a surprise why Australian women are left behind. 50% of Australian women own and operate small businesses. The sad part is, these businesses stay small and 30% out of the 50% do not prosper because of difficulty in accessing funds. This scenario prohibits women to soar and make it to bigger markets.

Funding becomes a hindrance and the source of funds is not equally available to women as it is to men. What happens to those who were not able to make it?

The downside is, entrepreneurial women end up having to take different paths to avoid bankruptcy due to losses. They have to take up non-entrepreneurial work just to pay the debts because they weren’t presented with equal opportunity in entrepreneurship. Whereas, given the equal opportunity, they can keep their business alive and create more jobs for other people.

Providing equal pay should not only be limited to men but also to women. Australian women must make a stand that they can also engage and succeed in the business field. Given the same opportunity as men, using their skills and ability, they are also capable of becoming successful business women. Female entrepreneurs given the chance can create more jobs; as a result, more job opportunities are available for those who are in search for jobs.

Instead of being discriminated, they should be provided with equal support, equal pay and equal opportunity. Everyone has the right to demand for equal pay and gender shouldn’t be an issue. Women are strong, skilled and competitive, the business world needs them.

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