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Excellent Customer Service Driving Business Growth

In the internet age with all of the review sites and social media, it can make potential customers have an opinion about a business before they even make any contact with that business. Having good customer service as part of a business’ DNA is essential in growing faster than competitors. This practice is not only true for cafes and restaurants where customers and staff meet face to face but also for businesses that operate solely over the internet. This does not mean that a business has to invest huge sums of money into its customer service departments. Both small and large businesses have the ability to make a positive customer experience paramount.

Customer Service in Australia

We all know and feel that customer service in Australia is somewhat worse compared to when it’s provided by companies from other countries. Research conducted by American Express Global Customer Service Barometer confirmed this in 2014. The same study stated that more than half of Australians were satisfied by the level of customer service they received from Australian companies so it would seem that Australian customers do not expect high levels of customer service. Does this mean that they do not appreciate it? No, in fact any business that goes beyond the call of duty in the customer service department will see returns on their investment. The American Express study revealed that 70% of Australian customers would spend up to 12% more at businesses where they had a seamless customer service experience.

Promoting Excellent Customer Service

It is common sense that a better customer experience will lead to happy customers which will lead to higher. A company does not have to start over from scratch to have a positive change in their customer’s experience but it does take dedication. Going beyond what competitors are providing for customer service is a sure way to go beyond competitors, period. Responding to customer complaints and having customer satisfaction as a main focus is a step in the right direction. Taking charge of customer service and making sure the instruments are in place to make sure that every customer gets the best possible experience is the best way to get ahead of the pack and stand out as a company that makes its customers happy. Going above and beyond what is expected by your customers will not only retain usual customers but also create more potential customers and take your business to the next level.

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