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Understanding The Instant Asset Write Off Scheme

The Threshold For The Instant Asset Write Off Scheme Has Increased To $30,000.
The Government led scheme has also been extended until June 30, 2020. If you are yet to utilise this money saving scheme, it is time to get started.
What Is The Instant Asset Write Off?
If your business has an asset that decreases in value […]

How to Create a Positive Cash Flow Using Low Doc Personal Loans

Learn how to use low doc personal loans to arrange working capital, extra funds to buy property or equipment and resolve the issue of not having updated financials to service a new loan.
Here are some strategies that you can use to create a positive cash flow for your business using low doc personal loans:
Increase the […]

4 Ways Equipment Financing Improves Business Efficiency

Business efficiency is a process which allows you to use the lowest amount of money, time and effort to create the greatest amount of output, with the minimum wastes and losses. A business successfully achieves its desired output when it uses efficiency optimisers, such as equipment and equipment financing.

Every company needs equipment to back up […]

Is Land Banking A Practical Real Estate Investment?

Are you planning to buy a new subdivision lot or an abandoned property?
Regardless of the type of property, land banking is a profitable investment. The problem is in getting the money to purchase it, because not all borrowers are qualified for a land banking loan.

Here are some of the reasons why borrowers apply for land […]

What Do Lenders Assess when You Apply for a Business Loan?

Business loans require more than just a request and a few documents. When lenders have to give a lot of money to a company, you will need to make a good impression on them, especially when it comes to paying back the loan. They want to know to whom they are lending the money and […]

How to Find Funding to Set Up a New Business?

Who doesn’t get excited at the idea of starting a new business? Until the “with what money” question hits them. Don’t lose your enthusiasm. Getting the funds to start a new business isn’t that difficult. You need to know how you’re going to use those funds for your new business and how you plan to […]

Top Reasons Why You Should Start Investing Before Turning 30

Approximately everybody can get business loans, no matter if the business is just teething or it already has a few years on the market. All you need to do is find the appropriate loan that suits your needs, meet the requirements of the bank and the money is yours. However, a loan is a huge […]

Crowdfunding for Your Business: the Pros and Cons

You have a great business idea and no money at hand to start it. Many amazing projects have been lost over time because of this reason. But you do not have to be among these people. So, if getting a loan is not the number one option for you, there are still plenty of other […]

5 Business Loans That Won’t Need Security

Business loans will help you meet your financial obligations as an entrepreneur more often than not. But you are not always in the position to offer your property as security – most often because you don’t actually have your own property yet.

Lucky for you, there are loan options for business owners that can’t or don’t […]

Why Some Cash-Rich People Have Poor Credit

Having a lot of money in your savings account doesn’t necessarily mean that you have excellent credit. In fact, credit rating is not an indicator of your wealth but the status of your credit file.

Here are some of the reasons why a person still gets a poor credit score despite being cash rich.

Zero to thin […]

3 Things Helpful Loan Lenders for Bad Credit Will Tell You

It is true that lenders profit from lending money to you. But, it doesn’t mean that they want you to be in debt forever. Good lenders want their clients to experience financial freedom so they exert effort to ensure that you can access the right funding when you need it.

Here are the top three things […]

What is Debt Recycling?

In Australia, the interest expenses on mortgages aren’t all tax deductible. Of course, this doesn’t come to your advantage, especially if we were to consider the high costs of housing. Even though investments shouldn’t be driven by taxation reasons, this doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t aim at enhancing his/her taxation situation.

Considering the non-deductible nature of […]

Tax Effective Strategies for Maximising Your Returns

We spend a lot of our time trying to optimise our investment choices, but not many people actually talk about tax investing or how to maximise your tax returns. Tax-effective investment strategies are the best ways to boost your returns. To do it properly, you may want to choose the ones that suit you the […]

Your Guide to Tackling Business Debt

The ideal businessman knows how to avoid becoming indebted. But even with all the professionalism in the world, business owners sometimes have no other choice but to seek financial help. From that moment, debt is just around the corner.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how to pay your business debt. Fortunately, there are multiple […]

Top Lessons that Property Investors Should Remember in 2017

If you are a property investor or want to become one, here are some tips that will help you stay on top of your game this year:

1. Property Development Finance

Property development finance is a form of loan used by developers and investors to improve their assets. It has a higher interest rate than a normal […]

Things to Consider Before Getting a Business Loan

Business loans are used to help your business when you are low on funds or encounter a rough economic period.

Business loans can be used for paying rent, purchasing a building, upgrading your premises, buying equipment or for paying your employees.

You should know that they come with a set of rules for repayment, interest fees, and […]

Should I take Advantage of Early Pay Off Benefits?

Are you planning to repay your business loans early because of the early payoff benefits? The most important benefit of repaying your loan before its due date is the fact that you can save on interests and enjoy peace of mind of having no outstanding debt to pay every month. But, is it always a […]

Why Do Creditors Penalize Borrowers for Early Payoff?

Wondering why your creditors will charge you a fee if you pay off your business loans early? Here’s an explanation of early loan repayments and whether it makes sense to pay off your loans before the loan term ends.

Prepayment penalty refers to the agreement in the terms and conditions of the loan that the lender […]

4 Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

If you think that the only way to become a successful entrepreneur is to sell something and solve problems, you are wrong. The success of your business is predicated on the things you do every day that would help you solve problems and generate sales; these are the things that come first.

If no one […]

Business Strategies – Late Payments on Invoices

The small business district is familiar with the fact that, in some instances, major corporations intentionally delay payments. The reality is the following: SMEs are owed no less than $26 billion, in line with a study developed by PayPal and Intuit Australia, back in November 2015.

A recent example of late payments is the one provided […]

Australian Property Market on the Rocks

For years, it seemed like the Australian property market was as solid as it can be and that nothing could have shaken it. Not even the economic recession that swept the globe affected it very much. However, lately, vacancy rates have been climbing a steeper and steeper slope and prices have been deteriorating rapidly. The […]

Commercial Property Loans under Close Watch

The Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) speaks up about the concerns regarding the growth in commercial property loans, which may be the trigger for a new banking crisis. This reputed financial regulator has focused its entire attention this sector because this is one of the greatest risks for the banks.

According to Charles Littrell, an APRA […]

Financial Tips to Mortgage Freedom

Being the owner of your home is, without fear of contradiction, rewarding. However, it does come with a good range of responsibilities. It’s inevitable. In most scenarios, the primary responsibility is linked to a mortgage of about 30 years, with regular repayments. How about the stories about people who manage to repay their mortgage in […]

Costly Superannuation Budget Cuts

You probably did not know that questionable cuts to superannuation contributions can push back retirement savings some $70,000; that is a huge amount to lose.

People contributing $35,000 a year is the average contribution of people 50 or older while, $30,000 is the average annual contribution of those below 50 years old. However, there looms some […]

Making Good Financial Decisions

Everybody has to make financial decisions. It may involve a big ticket purchase like a new car, a house, to invest or to take a new loan. We do not know when this stressful financial situation will occur. Making financial decisions is not going to be easy especially because it involves money. It has only […]

Childcare Business Landscape

Being a parent with a full-time job and having a partner who also works a lot makes it hard to find a balance when it comes to childcare.

Unfortunately, many Australian parents are in this situation. Let’s take the example of an anonymous medical specialist. She is the mother of three children, and she also has […]

Choosing the Right Freight Service Provider for Your Business

Finding a reliable freight service provider is a major problem for most of the companies that export or import goods. Whether you have a small or big business, delivering your products abroad may be a sensitive issue, which sometimes cannot be handled only by your employees.

However, even if you decide to hire a freight service […]

Building Relationships Beneficial to Small Businesses

Relationships play a vital role in business. Every day, you get to meet different people. How well do you communicate with them? In the business field, it is a must to establish good relationships with both clients and prospects. You have to take care of them and provide them excellent service to encourage them to […]

Business Loans More Popular than Investment Loans

The current economic climate is generating a change in the business sector, as well as in the private one. In December 2015, the number of owner occupiers who have taken out housing credit went up by 0.7%, making the total increase over the year 6.8%; that’s the highest increase since December 2010. However, the other […]

Impacts of a GST Increase on Small Businesses

As the federal government wishes to raise the GST to 15 percent, thus expanding its tax base, this decision will influence every small business in Australia. As a result, the Coalition will aim at diminishing the impact by providing a reduction in personal income and company tax. Still, that won’t delay the impact GST growth […]

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kris Kringle

Christmas is fast approaching and everyone gets so excited whenever this time of the year arrives. It’s the time where people spend more money on gifts and new stuffs. Who wouldn’t want to receive a present? Even adults get too excited whenever they tear up those Christmas wrappers hoping to receive a nice present.

Christmas is […]

Running a Successful Business – Every Component Counts

What makes up a successful business? Is it the staff? Is it the management? Is it the business plan? Is it the money? Is it the market? Actually, every component of a business counts – the people, physical and mental health of the people, the equipment, the logistics – everything.

A lot of business owners will […]

The Potential Benefits of Hiring an Intern for Your Business

So you’re considering hiring an intern. Having interns in your business can be a great experience for both parties, if organised properly. People who take on internships are usually fresh out of university, or mature aged individuals looking for a change in career. Either way, they lack the necessary experience to walk into a paid […]

Lessons Learnt from the Sharemarket

The Global Financial Crisis was over seven years ago now but for many of those scary days have left a big impression. The Lehman Brothers Bank Collapse in September 2008 caused the Australian sharemarket to dive 25 percent in just a month and some investors suffered drastic consequences. Since the Global Financial Crisis most peoples’ […]

Self Improvement – Aim for 220 percent improvement

Self improvement can be looked at in many ways. Maybe it is about sleeping better or eating healthier. Bettering yourself in your career or your financial security could be where you look to first sometimes. If you can better yourself every day of the work week then you can improve your life two times over. […]

Big Banks Hit with Increased Capital Requirements

The increased capital requirements for the banks have been brought on by a need to shore up capital against residential mortgage exposure. Announced by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), the increased capital requirements will be a blow to some banks while others have already built up reserves in expectation of the coming changes. The […]

What it Takes to Become the Richest Man in the World

Everybody dreams of becoming the richest man in the world. How does it feel to be rich, powerful and respected? You’ll never know until you became the richest man in the world.

Napoleon Hill, a great journalist who documented the strategies of some of the wealthiest people of all time revealed their secrets on how to […]

Small Businesses to Benefit from New Budget

The new changes to the Australian federal budget were announced recently and small business owners will receive some big benefits along with a few others. The government is targeting some groups hoping to help grow the Australian economy. Views on the new budget vary wildly but everyone can agree that some sections of society with […]

Business Planning: Tips for better cash flow

As the business year rolls over and we finally get a tally on the booms and bust of seasons from the previous year it is time to re-assess the game plan and see where improvements can be made. One of the most important business planning tips is to keep as detailed financial reports as possible. […]

Invest in shares to make more money in 2015

Bank deposits in 2015 are going to be receiving pitiful interest rates and the Australian public needs to take action. Leaving money in a bank account will return a relatively low interest rate and when inflation is taken into account, some feel that it is no better than hiding it under the bed mattress. The […]

Caution To Small Business Owners During Christmas Shopping Season

Christmas time is a boom time for small business owners and is the time of year to finally rake in profits, but it is also a time when your staff is stretched thin and when criminals are doing their worst. Local police are doing their best to prevent theft and work with business associations to […]

Tax Breaks for Australian Startups

Australian startup companies can look forward to new laws that will create a tax break in July, 2015. In order to help small companies that are trying to attract talented employees and keep them devoted to the company with a share of the potential success, employee share schemes are becoming a common practice.

This can drive […]

Positive Signs of Australian Economic Growth

Economic Growth in Australia
According to recent reports, Australia is showing signs of economic growth, with low interest rates and increasing productivity, we are moving towards a growth period. Substantial and rapid increase in the level of exports and mining, not to mention a rise in the housing market, have all made the Australian economy stronger. While the economy is showing good signs Australian economists are concerned about the level of international investment Australia is attracting. […]

How will the 2014 Federal Budget Affect Small Business in Australia

The Australian Budget and Small Business
Now that the final details of the 2014-2015 Australian federal budget have been revealed, 2.3 million small business owners are wondering what lies ahead for them. According to experts, small business owners should not be too worried as most of the proposed changes are very reasonable considering that the budget this year is austere. Most agree that the overall federal budget is quite credible and small business owners are advised to take advantage of the incentives in the Australian budget before they dry up. […]

Investing in Infrastructure

The Importance of Infrastructure
Infrastructure is without a doubt an important factor for continuous national development. It serves as physical foundation for the flourishing economy. That is because it helps businesses operate more efficiently and increase productivity. Moreover, it provides connection between consumers and the products they need. Infrastructure is critical to the Australian economy.


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