Australian Start Up Businesses

Life can be difficult if you for the owners of start up businesses. You are starting from scratch, so everything has to be planned, organised and implemented by you and your staff. Speaking of staff, you will need to find people who are not only competent and responsible, but people who understand what you want to do and who can be trusted to get things done. As the founder, you are generally expected to work as hard as (and even harder than) any other employee or supervisor. There will be long hours, tiring work-filled weekends, and there is not even any guarantee of financial reward, at least in the short term. Some start up businesses barely get off the ground despite their founders’ best efforts and sadly many do not make it past the five year mark.

So if you are going to turn your start up business into a success story, you need to be well prepared. Do not fall into the same traps that have put a stop to many other companies. If you can learn from their mistakes, then do so. Thankfully, there are a lot of international resources available online aimed at helping you to avoid key errors. Looking for guidance both locally and internationally can ensure you are approaching your business from an informed position. These resources are also aimed at putting you on a path to success.
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5 Useful Websites for Australian Start Up Businesses

1. “The Start Your Own Business” by the UK government

The Digital Service of the UK government has set up a website aimed precisely at helping start up businesses get off the ground. There are six sections in all. These take you through the process of preparing and bringing life to your business. First, there is the idea behind your business, and the need to make it realistic and concrete. Then, there is the need for funding. The site provides guidance on how to research your target market. It also explores a business’ development stage, where you might take a test product or service and run it by actual customers. While the advice is tailored for companies in the UK, there is still a lot of information here that is useful, no matter where you are set up.

2. “Starting a Business” by the U.S. SBA

The United States Small Business Administration has a site that is focused on those who are looking to start a business. A lot of information is covered, from the business plan, structure, permits, laws, loans, taxes, equipment, employees and more.

3. “Help and Support for Businesses” by the UK Revenue and Customs office

The UK HM Revenue and Customs office offers specialised advice for those interested in start up businesses. There is an email newsletter, as well as online presentations and videos for people who are looking for a more multimedia approach.

4. “Thinking of Starting a Business” by the Australian government

The Australian government has its own site for those people who are thinking of creating a start up business. The information available is comprehensive and is categorised according to the questions potential business owners tend to ask.

5. “Starting Up a Business” by the Welsh Government

This site provides much information for start up business owners. There are sections on business plan, buying an existing business or franchise, financing the business and more.


Start up businesses are exciting and rewarding for the business owner, the clients and the Australian economy. Business funding is a vital part of any start up business and can make the different between success and failure. Through ALC Commercial’s large network of private funding, ALC Commercial can help you source the funding through a loan that is tailored to your needs. Contact us today to find out more.