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What is Debt Recycling?

In Australia, the interest expenses on mortgages aren’t all tax deductible. Of course, this doesn’t come to your advantage, especially if we were to consider the high costs of housing. Even though investments shouldn’t be driven by taxation reasons, this doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t aim at enhancing his/her taxation situation.

Considering the non-deductible nature of […]

Tax Effective Strategies for Maximising Your Returns

We spend a lot of our time trying to optimise our investment choices, but not many people actually talk about tax investing or how to maximise your tax returns. Tax-effective investment strategies are the best ways to boost your returns. To do it properly, you may want to choose the ones that suit you the […]

What Needs Does a Short-Term Business Loan Cover?

Short-term business loans represent an easy method of bridging some breaches in your company, usually in cash-flow. They are fairly easy to obtain and can have terms of a maximum of 3 years or a minimum of 90 days.

But what needs would a short-term business loan cover? Quite a few. Let’s see what these are.

Short-Term […]

Your Guide to Tackling Business Debt

The ideal businessman knows how to avoid becoming indebted. But even with all the professionalism in the world, business owners sometimes have no other choice but to seek financial help. From that moment, debt is just around the corner.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how to pay your business debt. Fortunately, there are multiple […]

Top Lessons that Property Investors Should Remember in 2017

If you are a property investor or want to become one, here are some tips that will help you stay on top of your game this year:

1. Property Development Finance

Property development finance is a form of loan used by developers and investors to improve their assets. It has a higher interest rate than a normal […]