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Things to Remember When Applying for Small Business Loans for People with Bad Credit

There is no doubt in it that small business loans for people with bad credit have pros which you won’t find in other loans. You can secure a desirable amount of loan to maintain your business operations, buy new equipment, expand and increase your working capital. It also helps you cover losses and unexpected expenses Read More

Factors To Consider When Taking An Equipment Finance

Richard wants to buy IT equipment worth $50,000 AUD. So, he took out equipment finance with a balloon percentage of 40% and an annual interest of 6.50%. The loan is payable within 36 months. Considering that it is an asset finance, wherein the lender merely finances the equipment and Richard totally owns the equipment, he Read More

Tips on Starting Your Own Business With A Small Capital

What is keeping you from joining about 2.17 million active businesses in Australia? If you have a brilliant idea and you have the skills and guts to launch and grow it into an enterprise, take some risks and get on with it. Read on and learn about starting a business from scratch.

They say that money Read More

Factors to Consider Prior To Getting a Bridging Loan

If you want to get a bridging loan while waiting for a larger loan, you will have to consider other factors that may affect your business in the long run.

Purpose: If you’re an entrepreneur looking for an interim financing, bridging loan can help you cover the costs of urgent expenses. Small to medium businesses use Read More

3 Essential Tips When Using Debtor Finance for your Business

If you want to fund your business using your accounts receivable ledger as collateral, debtor finance is the right loan option. It is a debtor financing solution used by small business with low working capital reserves and slow-paying invoices to solve cash flow problems. But, just like any other loan, you have to pay it off in Read More

Why Do Creditors Penalize Borrowers for Early Payoff?

Wondering why your creditors will charge you a fee if you pay off your business loans early? Here’s an explanation of early loan repayments and whether it makes sense to pay off your loans before the loan term ends.

Prepayment penalty refers to the agreement in the terms and conditions of the loan that the lender Read More

5 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Use a Line of Credit Wisely

A line of credit is essential for small business owners because it increases their purchasing power. However, it can easily be abused and lead to bankruptcy. Learn how you can manage your line of credit wisely.

How a line of credit works

A line of credit is an open-ended, flexible loan where you can borrow funds in Read More

3 Common Causes of Cash Flow Challenges in Businesses and Their Solutions

Aside from low sales, here are three common causes of cash flow issues that every business owners need to face at some point in their lives.
You are spending beyond your profit margins
If you are not looking into every dollar spent on major expenses such as office costs, capital expenditures, and human resources, you are likely Read More