Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Potential Benefits of Hiring an Intern for Your Business

So you’re considering hiring an intern. Having interns in your business can be a great experience for both parties, if organised properly. People who take on internships are usually fresh out of university, or mature aged individuals looking for a change in career. Either way, they lack the necessary experience to walk into a paid Read More

Short Term Business Loan for Short Term Needs


Short term business loans are for, you guessed it, businesses! They’re a good way to obtain finance for your business needs regardless of your credit history. Flexible and fast to process, they solve your more immediate money needs when you need it and not a moment later. Even if you’ve been rejected by banks in Read More

Save Money by Bringing Your Lunch to Work

If you haven’t already given it a try, bringing your own lunch to work can be a great way to save the money you spend going for coffees and take-away meals in your break time. It’s very tempting to go out for lunch every day, especially when you’re in an area populated with a variety Read More

Lessons Learnt from the Sharemarket

The Global Financial Crisis was over seven years ago now but for many of those scary days have left a big impression. The Lehman Brothers Bank Collapse in September 2008 caused the Australian sharemarket to dive 25 percent in just a month and some investors suffered drastic consequences. Since the Global Financial Crisis most peoples’ Read More