Monthly Archives: August 2015

How a Business Loan Works – From Application to Approval

If you have never applied for a business loan before the process can be intimidating. Even though the application process for a business loan is pretty straightforward, the steps will often vary from lender to lender. The most important thing that you can do beforehand is to gather the information and documentation you will need. Read More

What’s Holding Back Your Success – Psychological Factors

As you attempt to climb the corporate ladder there will always be steps forward as well as steps backward. Often the steps backward can be contributed to reasons that are out of your hands but there are also some that could be your own doing. A dismal economy or backstabbing coworkers might be the cause Read More

Terminating an Employee – How to Do it Right

All bosses will have to go through the dreaded process of firing an employee at some point. You will have hired them with the best of intentions but due to their actions, in-actions, or some outside influence, you might have to end their employment. If you do ever have to go through the experience of Read More

Rate Cuts for the Last Time Next Year

RBA’s Rate Cuts
Interest rates on loans have been dropping over the past few months. Economists have been predicting when the next rate cut could happen if it happens at all. It has been expected that next April would bring another rate cut from the Reserve Bank of Australia. The rate cut on interest would likely Read More

Self Improvement – Aim for 220 percent improvement

Self improvement can be looked at in many ways. Maybe it is about sleeping better or eating healthier. Bettering yourself in your career or your financial security could be where you look to first sometimes. If you can better yourself every day of the work week then you can improve your life two times over. Read More