Monthly Archives: June 2015

Planning for the Next Financial Year

Every one of us has financial plans and it is common to make new plans every financial year. Plans that we’ve made in order to achieve our respective goals. Goals that require both our time and money. Money that is earned through our hard work and personal effort. That is why it is important to […]

Identifying the Target Market for a Successful Business

When a business begins to build a marketing campaign they will generally target those customers that have a need for their product or service. The problem with this approach is that you are going to make contact with that potential customer at the same time as many of your competitors. That potential customer will do […]

Investing in Innovation and Early Adoption

Knowing when to invest and adapt to a new technology is difficult for everybody, especially so for companies. Being at the forefront of innovation is great but it is very difficult and keeping that pace long term is nearly impossible for most companies. The best companies are able to implement new technologies in a timely […]

Credit Risk – Is Your Business in Danger?

Do you think your business is facing a credit risk? How can you prevent it? More importantly what is a credit risk and how does it affect your business? Credit risk refers to the risk of losing the potential financial rewards from a borrower if they fail to make the repayments under the agreed upon […]

Small Businesses to Benefit from New Budget

The new changes to the Australian federal budget were announced recently and small business owners will receive some big benefits along with a few others. The government is targeting some groups hoping to help grow the Australian economy. Views on the new budget vary wildly but everyone can agree that some sections of society with […]